Lohr & Company's history dates to 1993 with its founder, Greg Lohr. Greg grew up in Central Virginia in a family of math and science educators. In light of this, he chose to pursue electrical engineering at the University of Virginia but spoke of having an "itch" for personal finance.


Following graduation, Greg took a job at a paper mill down in Southeastern Virginia, assisting in the operations of a high-output paper plant. In the proceeding years, he took on more business opportunities within the plant and met his wife, Janet. Yet, the itch persisted, leading Greg to obtain his MBA from William & Mary in the fall of 1993.



Madison house photo




"Traded my hard hat for a suit and tie."


Through a friend and eventual colleague, Greg was finally able to start his career in personal finance and served as an advisor to many of his previous coworkers from the mill. It was this moment, which he often shares, "I traded my hard hat for a suit and tie." 


Greg would eventually relocate his office from this papermill town to solidify his presence in Central Virginia with offices in Charlottesville and, eventually, Madison. The white house you see displayed throughout the site is in Madison, Virginia. This historic home—affectionately known as the "Country Office"— was once the home of Greg's grandfather. 


The Next Generation


Greg and Janet's eldest, Ethan, grew up watching "Dad" build his financial services practice and had a long-held interest in joining the firm. Ethan pursued a degree from James Madison University and saw his dream become a reality, joining Lohr & Company in 2015. 

Since that point, they can both attest to the joy and peace that has come through this partnership, not only for themselves but also for the families they serve. In the face of an ever-changing financial landscape, Lohr & Company stands as an established financial planning and wealth management firm ready to be a part of your story.