About Us

At Lohr & Company, we understand the concerns you face as you plan for your retirement and enter one of life’s greatest transitions.

Lohr & Company was founded by Greg Lohr in 1993 to help more people achieve their dream of a secure and comfortable retirement. In 2015, Greg’s son Ethan joined the family business to partner with his father and further their mission of helping people make sound financial decisions with fiduciary care.
After graduating from James Madison University, Ethan allowed Greg to mentor him in regards to everything he had built over the past decades: sound financial planning principles, customized investment strategies, and building trusting client relationships. For his part, Ethan brought his knowledge of new and sophisticated investment management tools to help them serve their clients to an even greater degree.
As a fee-based, independent firm, Lohr & Company strives to work with the highest integrity. They recommend strategies to help you work toward your retirement goals and don’t force your investments into a one-size-fits-all portfolio.
Lohr & Company started as a boutique firm, and they plan to always remain a boutique firm. Because their relationships with their clients are built on lifelong trust, they never want to jeopardize that trust by becoming too big or too unavailable. That’s why Lohr & Company only works with clients they truly believe they can help.
About Us

Greg Lohr, MBA

Managing Partner
Greg founded Lohr & Company in 1993 to help more people plan for a rewarding, well-deserved retirement. Before he entered the financial services industry, he worked as an electrical engineer. Having grown up surrounded by mathematics and engineering educators his entire life, he always assumed he would be an engineer. But in his last semester at the University of Virginia, he took a finance class and realized that it was financial math that truly excited him.
After spending a few years as an engineer, he decided to follow his heart and return to school for an MBA in finance from the College of William & Mary. Although he originally entered the finance industry because he was excited about the personal opportunities, it was the satisfaction of seeing people at peace with their money that has kept him here for his entire career.
When he isn’t working, Greg enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and their adult children. In addition to managing their family farms, Greg and his wife also manage a growing Airbnb venue. In the cold weather months, you can find Greg hunting whitetail deer in the breathtaking Virginia landscapes.
About Us

Ethan Lohr, CFP®

Ethan always knew his dream was to follow in his father’s footsteps and carry out his same mission: to help more people find financial peace and security in retirement. Ethan started practicing for his future career quite early, at the age of 6, advising his sisters on their savings with the help of his trusty calculator. But it wasn’t until he graduated from James Madison University that he truly began developing his talent as a financial advisor at Lohr & Company.
Ethan is most fulfilled when he’s helping clients develop a sound plan and then executing that plan. He knows that pre-retirees often have many unanswered questions and may be feeling trepidation about retirement—and rightfully so. Retirement is one of life’s greatest transitions and Ethan knows how important it is to get everything right the first time. He works to ease his clients’ fears, provide them with confidence, and help them take the necessary actions to move forward.
When he isn’t serving clients, Ethan enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons. You can also find him practicing his swing on the golf course, exercising, and hunting with his dad.
About Us

Stephanie Seale

Relationship Manager
Stephanie has been with Lohr & Company since 2003, faithfully loving and serving clients daily. Although you may not meet her in person, you’re sure to interact with her at some point through the crucial role she plays. Stephanie and her family live in Madison, Virginia.