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Comprehensive Financial Planning

This service is for those seeking appropriate product solutions that address the types of questions below:

Financial Position

How has your cash flow changed from year to year?

Are you seeing growth in your overall wealth?  Why or why not?

What are areas of inefficiencies that can be improved?

Tax Management

What strategic moves can be made allowing you to pay less and keep more?

Can we utilize your investments to improve your tax liability for current or future years?

Are your tax strategies integrated with your other financial planning goals?

Retirement Income Planning

How will your investments generate income in retirement?

How much could you pay in taxes in retirement?

How do your expenses change throughout retirement?

What retirement benefits are available to you and how should they be utilized?

Investment Planning

How much risk are you taking in your portfolio?  Is this the right amount?

Are you adjusting your savings goals  based on investment performance?

What threats/opportunities exist in your current portfolio?

Estate Planning

How will your finances be managed and decision made if you're no longer able?

What financial legacy would you like to leave your family?

Are there beneficiaries of your estate that need additional assistance?

Risk Management

Are there gaps in your current employee benefit offerings leaving you exposed?

Can financial goals be reached in the event of catastrophic events?

What threats exist that would affect your financial planning?

Education Funding

What will college cost you?

What percentage of college costs would you like to provide?

Does your college funding strategy align with your other financial planning goals?



With this service model, Lohr & Company provides no-cost needs analysis to the client. This model will involve a fact-finder meeting in which we will gather as much relevant information as needed to provide appropriate product solutions on the situation at hand. Our compensation will come in the form of commissions from insurance and investment companies with which you transact business because of our analysis. 

Through our fee-based planning model, we provide comprehensive planning advice based on the core planning topics outlined on our “Comprehensive Financial Planning” page. The client pays an agreed upon fee for this type of model. At the client's discretion, the client may have a desire for assistance with the implementation of our advice. In this event, we can receive fees and commissions on ancillary services we provide.  


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Any discussion of taxes is for general information purposes only, does not purport to be complete or cover every situation, and should not be construed as legal, tax or accounting advice. Clients should confer with their qualified legal, tax and accounting advisors as appropriate.


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