Comprehensive Financial Planning

Ongoing Financial Planning

More than a financial plan; this is a financial partnership.





Clients engaging with us in Ongoing Financial Planning will receive the following:


  • Predetermined schedule of meetings and topics throughout the year
  • Full access (phone and email)
  • Client access to Personal Planning Portal

Topics C​overed


Financial Position

  • How has your cash flow changed from year to year?
  • Are you seeing growth in your overall wealth?  Why or why not?
  • What are areas of inefficiencies that can be improved?

Tax Management

  • What strategic moves can be made allowing you to pay less and keep more?
  • Can we utilize your investments to improve your tax liability for current or future years?
  • Are your tax strategies integrated with your other financial planning goals?


Retirement Income Planning

  • How will your investments generate income in retirement?
  • How much could you pay in taxes in retirement?
  • How do your expenses change throughout retirement?
  • What retirement benefits are available to you and how should they be utilized?

Investment Planning

  • How much risk are you taking in your portfolio? Is this the right amount?
  • Are you adjusting your savings goals based on investment performance?
  • What threats/opportunities exist in your current portfolio?

Estate Planning

  • How will your finances be managed and decision made if you're no longer able?
  • What financial legacy would you like to leave your family?
  • Are there beneficiaries of your estate that need additional assistance?

Risk Management

  • Are there gaps in your current employee benefits offerings, leaving you exposed?
  • Can financial goals be reached in the event of catastrophic events?
  • What threats exist that would affect your financial planning?


Education Funding

  • How much will college cost you?
  • What percentage of college costs would you like to provide?
  • Does your college funding strategy align with your other financial planning goals?



High Complexity


Executive Benefits Planning

  • Discriminatory Incentive Strategies


Business Financial Planning

  • Continuation and Exit Planning


Future Financial Position Planning


Special Needs Planning


Coordination with Outside Professionals

  • Accountants
  • Attorneys

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