Financial Planning

Our financial planning services take a holistic view of your financial picture. Even though we specialize in retirement planning and retirement income planning, we know that this aspect of your financial life encompasses many other components.
In the first phase of the retirement planning process, we often discuss other financial topics, such as:
  • Financial position & net worth review
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Insurance & employee benefits planning
  • Education funding
  • Debt reduction
  • Investment planning
  • Estate planning
  • Tax planning
  • Long-term care planning
  • Legacy planning
  • Wealth transfer

Generational Wealth

Who We Serve

Many clients reach the end of their life with a desire to leave a legacy. They want their hard work to position the generations behind them for continued success.

But with that comes several questions:

How will heirs receive these assets?
Will they be able to handle them responsibly?
What will be the tax implications for beneficiaries?
How will wishes be communicated to these individuals?
Who will help make this wealth transition seamless?

Throughout retirement, we begin asking these questions to crystalize legacy desires. Simultaneously, we position assets for continued growth and tax efficiencies. We help client’s express these desires to their estate planners. Finally, we begin a relationship with beneficiaries so that they are positioned well to receive this wealth.

Wealth Management


Wealth Management is the outcome and implementation of comprehensive financial planning. For many of our clients, their planning needs are focused on retirement planning which is twofold: retirement transition planning and retirement income planning.

Our retirement income planning uses a framework called the 4 Buckets Income Strategy to help clients visualize and understand how income needs are being met throughout their retirement. Then, based on each client’s unique allocations across the 4 Buckets Strategy, we implement and serve as their wealth managers.