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At Lohr & Company, we understand the concerns you face as you plan for your retirement and enter one of life’s greatest transitions.

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At Lohr & Company, we are fee-based fiduciary financial advisors.
Rather than fall prey to Wall Street speculations or the hot stocks of the moment, we combine a research-driven investment process with personalized advice to deliver comprehensive financial solutions.
Our mission is to help pre-retirees, retirees, and women make wise financial decisions and work toward your long-term goals, combining our experience in financial planning with our disciplined approach to investing.
If you’re ready to define your goals, commit to a guided process, and work with a team you can trust, we invite you to learn more about our firm and services.

How Tax Planning Changes
through Four Stages of Retirement

Taxes in retirement can be potentially reduced by taking advantage of a few simple, yet highly effective strategies.
Join us for our next webinar where we will share powerful new strategies that may reduce the taxes you pay on your retirement income. You’ll walk away armed with information you can use today to potentially pocket thousands of additional dollars over the course of your retirement.

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